Watch video's and earn ASK

Watching video's and earning ASK (cryptocurrency).


On the website of you can watch video's and earn some cryptocurrency in the meanwhile.

Their blockchain went live yesterday.


For the moment it is a little watching when and where ASK can be redeemed for another currency. Yet you can still start earning.


They also have an interesting referralprogram. You get 100 ASK per sign-up + 5 ASK/referral/video that they watch.




They just came out of testnet, but the idea is interesting. Some video's only take a few seconds to watch and others are 2-3 minutes for example.


In the past they have been doing referpromotions where you received a few thousand ASK for referring friends.


If you are interested you should sign up and find out more about this. This is again another earningopportunity, and in the meanwhile enjoy the video's.


The video's can contain for example funny ads and trailers about movies that will be in the theaters.


Also for publishers, there is an option to buy ASK and promote your product(s). As far as I have seen, you need to contact them for this.



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Earning crypto all kinds of ways
Earning crypto all kinds of ways

There are all kinds of way's to earn crypto. Let's show some of the best.

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