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Simple Guide On How To Buy PepperMint Shiba Tokens On Pancake Swap

By EarneyBitcoin | EarneyBitcoin | 17 Nov 2021

Here is a simple and easy to use guide showing everyone how to buy Peppermint Shiba tokens on Pancake Swap.


Peppermint Shiba is a new meme coin that and pays coin holders a share of the daily coins burned.

It's a hyper deflationary token - each transaction done on binance smart chain costs a whopping 10% of all tokens sent.

4% of this is shared among users who hold Peppermint Shiba tokens in their binance smart chain wallet such as meta mask.

5% of the tokens get burned, so the total supply of tokens goes down.

1% of the tokens are used for marketing.

You receive new coins daily - without any electricity usage or special hardware, the more on chain transactions done each day the more coins everyone receives and the more coins get burned.




To buy PepperMint Shiba tokens on pancake swap, you need to first connect your meta mask wallet to Pancake swap:




You can use meta mask, trust wallet, binance chain and a few others, i use meta mask because it's a simple browser extension and works well.



Once you have your wallet connected and can see your bnb balance, you need to trade bnb coin into wbnb, wrapped bnb.

This will cost around 0.01 bnb and you will need to leave some bnb in your account for gas fees, i suggest at least 0.01 bnb.



Once you have wbnb in your account, exchange from wbnb into Peppermint token. You may need to add the the token to your wallet to view the tokens, using the Peppermint contract address:



Learn more about Peppermint -

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Peppermint Shiba official telegram -

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