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Launching My Own Token - GRLLA - NFT Gorilla - 1000 Users In 3 Days!!

By EarneyBitcoin | EarneyBitcoin | 5 Dec 2021

I am pleased to announce the launch of my own token - GRLLA, which will power NFT Gorilla, a new NFT platform which has gained over 1000 users in the first 3 days!!


GRLLA token allows users to buy exclusive and rare crypto items from NFT Gorilla, these items can then be transported across chain into different systems such as meta verses, virtual realities, gaming worlds and much more.



In the first 3 days we have hundreds of dedicated supporters and people helping promote the project, we have artists working on amazing new artwork, channel managers, people creating videos and memes.. the project is flying already and it's only been a few days.. the #grllagang is starting to become strong!



GRLLA token is located on Binance smart chain and has a max supply of 10 billion. The token will be made available on exchanges in the next week with a starting marketcap of 100k.

We are currently looking to hire more graphic artists, influencers, youtubers, NFT promoters and anyone else who can help promote the project.

NFT Gorilla will have a referral system and will allow users to earn profits simply by sending users to the website, promoters will earn a commission on all sales done by your referrals for life.

Join our telegram and say hi.. the channel is starting to pump and with so many users already and such a low starting marketcap the token sale is going to fly!!


Website -

Telegram -

Twitter -

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