DMEX - Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange With 100X Leverage + Affiliate Program

DMEX - Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange With 100X Leverage + Affiliate Program

By EarneyBitcoin | EarneyBitcoin | 29 Apr 2020

Dmex is a powerful decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that offers up to 100X leveraged trading along with an affiliate program.


There are not many decentralized exchanges that offer referral programs and i remember using ether delta many years ago and wishing their was a referral program as having a truly decentralized and anonymous source of passive crypto income is something i most certainly enjoy.

So today i wanted to show everyone how it's possible to earn bitcoin using dmex exchange and show off all the unique features of this system.

To start, Dmex has been online for around a year now and has up to 100 million / day in trading volume so far.

This exchange allows you to connect any Ethereum address via the private keys which only you control.

One of the key features of this site is the leveraged trading, and this course this can be very risky and is only for seasoned professionals.. the earning possibilities can be huge when compared to traditional trading and with the ability to anonymously login and trade deposit and withdraw instantly will be attractive to many crypto traders.



With the leveraged trading system, this means your referrals will be trading large amounts of cyrpto each time, for example with only $10USD leveraged 100 times that means each trade would have the value of $1000USD, and if the trader makes some good profits you will earn a small percentage of this.

The payments are automatic and anonymous, directly into your own Ethereum wallet and paid in both ETH and DAI stable coin both of which can be sold on virtually any exchange in the world.


Cryptocurrency exchanges can be hard to promote as there are literally thousands of exchanges and not as many traders willing to try new platforms, although with the unique features Dmex is bringing if you promote this product to crypto traders and explain the product in the right way, the life time commissions on this platform could really add up and it's all anonymous and automatic direct into your own Ethereum wallet.

I will be testing this exchange and reviewing it further along with posting results on affiliate earnings, be sure to follow me on twitter and here on Publish0x if you want to learn more.

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