Check Out The Last 7 Days Market Trends - The Markets Are Booming!

Check Out The Last 7 Days Market Trends - The Markets Are Booming!

By EarneyBitcoin | EarneyBitcoin | 29 Apr 2020

Today while having a quick look at coinmarketcap i notice a nice little trend.. pretty much all of the coins are showing a steady upward trend for the last 7 days straight.


Here is a look at today's stats on coinmarketcap, we can see virtually all of the coins are on a constant upward trend for the last 7 days, and bitcoin has surpassed the 8k USD mark.




If we take a look at the trade volume across the largest exchanges we can see massive spikes in trading volume, some up to 40% and many of the top cryptocurrency exchanges are recording trading volume in the billions daily.


With millions of people around the world in lock down and nothing better to do than look at crypto stuff again, thousands of real world businesses failing all while thousands of new online cryptocurrency related businesses are booming.. the cryptocurrency marketing appears to be on a positive upward trend coming into the upcoming bitcoin halvening.. it will be an interesting next 30 days to watch the crypto markets carefully that's for sure!

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