BC Game Launches BCD Coin - Stake BCD And Earn Profits + Instant Coin Swap

By EarneyBitcoin | EarneyBitcoin | 4 May 2021

BC Game has recently created BCD coin and now you can stake BCD in your account wallet and earn profits, along with adding an instant coin swap feature that allows you to instantly swap your BCD for all of the top cryptocurrencies.


BC Game is one of the most popular bitcoin casinos and recently they have done some massive updates to the system, including launching their own native cryptocurrency BCD. BC Game dollar is pegged to the US dollar and you can instantly exchange this coin into all of the other cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

Most of the bitcoin gambling websites don't allow you to store or save your funds anywhere and it's easy to bet too much and lose it all, with BC game's new vault pro system you can lock your coins away and earn interest on holding them there.

Currently you can get 10% APY for holding BCD coin, and on average 5% APY for holding most of the popular coins including bitcoin, ethereum, trx, eos and many more.



You can earn BCD coins by gambling on the site, the best way to do this is by using auto bet and turn over large amounts of bets without losing too much money.. it's possible to earn good amounts of BCD coins in bonuses every day which can then be staked to earn more profits.

BC Game has some of the best looking in house games and all of these allow you to fund the bank roll and earn profits, simply visit any of the games and then click on the bank roll button, deposit funds and then get a share of the games daily profits.



One of the best updates BC game has done is the addition of slot machines, they have hundreds now and will be adding many more in the future.. this gives BC game so much more playability and is sure to increase the affiliate commissions and daily bonuses.



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