Stormgain | Mine Bitcoin in the cloud and use it for trading with up to 300x leverage.

If you want to try your hands-on trading but without using your funds then this post is for you.
First thing first, the platform is quite handy and easy to understand. It doesn't look like some giant trading center instead almost looks like just a basic exchange. 


Stormgain is a multipurpose platform for cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2019 with the desire to make cryptocurrency trading more profitable for everyone. They provide you with multiple options such as basic buy/sell, interest on your holdings, bonus for deposits, and leverage trading.
It is really simple and hassle-free to use even without prior knowledge of trading. Although, I will not recommend trading without proper knowledge and experience. And as this point is a matter of concern for everyone they have added video education to their platform which is totally free of cost and you can easily learn how to trade. Still, not up with trading, don't worry you will also get a free demo account with $50000 USDT which you can use to practice and gain experience in trading(Remember it is a demo account you can't withdraw the profit made from this account neither the loss will affect your main account balance).



They also have a cloud miner which you can use to earn some funds. Although you mine bitcoin they will be credited as USDT and you can withdraw them into your bonus. This bonus can only be used for trading and the minimum amount you can withdraw to your bonus is 10 USDT. There's also a first-time bonus that lets you earn 10 USDT for some initial mining sessions. A mining session lasts for 4 hours and you have to start the miner again. This also works with their app which is available on the play store and AppStore
They also have a referral program that lets you earn 3 USDT instantly on registration with this link and you will also get 15% of commissions paid by the people registered with your link as well as 15% of funds withdrawn from Cryptominer by your referrals.

PS: The minimum amount you can withdraw from the profits earned by trading is 20 USDT and all the rewards will be credited to your trading account (USDT).
For mining,rate, refer to the below image and this mining rate is only for a basic account.



As the main feature of the platform is its trading feature. As of now, 35 pairs are available for trading with different leverages. Among them, BTC/USDT is available with a max 300x leverage and all the other pairs are available with different leverages such as 100, 50, 30, and 15. Stormgain has all the basic features for trading with advanced ones too. You can also limit your trades with profit and loss so that you can sleep calmly. And if you think your trade is going in a loss you can also increase its amount. They will also provide alerts and reports for all your trades.
Trading could be catastrophic if you don't know the basics or lacks experience, so please take it seriously and try some tutorials before going in.


As you will get a basic account on registration you can aim for higher accounts with their loyalty program. To move up on the chain you need to increase your trading volume and when you move up on the tier you will get really good perks such as bonuses on your deposits, annual interests on your holdings, low exchange commissions, and increased mining rates. But to reach these top tiers you will also need some hefty trading volumes.

Refer to the below image for some tiers.



The platform is really good and I'm currently using it to learn the basics of the trade. But remember, always stick to the practice of Do your own research no matter what so that you won't regret it later. And I will say it once again because it is really important to learn the basics of trade and gain some experience before moving into actual trading.
But if you are planning to check Stormgain, use this link.

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