New Cryptocurrencies Midoin Coin

New Cryptocurrencies Midoin Coin


What is Midoin?


Mis not just an app. It's not even just money re-invented. Midoin is a new kind of living. A peaceful money revolution in the making.

We believe that money should be the means for achieving extraordinary things. Make dreams come true. Achieve justice, and happiness.

Power shouldn't derive from the issuance of money. It should derive from the things we achieve. And those things should benefit all people around us.

We also believe  that people should be in total control of their lives - and money is one aspect of it.

Midoin is an effort to give money's control back to people.

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What Are the advantages of Midoin?


1. Inclusive: We want Midoin to be accessible by everyone in the world.

2. Easy: You don't need to be an expert programmer to mine Midoin. It's on your mobile!

3. Blazing-fast: No need to wait for hours or days. You can send Midoins to anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly!

4. Eco-friendly: Midoin doesn't need expensive equipment consuming vast amounts of useless electricity in order to be mined. We care about our planet!

5. Privacy: We take your privacy really seriously. We don't believe in anonymity. People deserve to choose what to share and with whom.

6. Security: Keeping your wallet safe is in the heart of the project.

7. For everyday People: Midoin is designed, maintained and backed by everyday people, for everyday people. Compared to cryptocurrencies, if something goes wrong, there is always somebody to help you fix the issue.


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What Are the Cryptocurrencies?


A cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

But.. their biggest disadvantages are:

1. They are difficult to be understood and used by everyday people.

2. They consume massive amounts of energy to be mined.

3. They require expensive and specialized equipment to be mined.

4. Most of them are not scalable. It takes hours or even days for a transaction to be confirmed and it gets worse as more people use them.

5. Most cryptos provide anonymity and give a false sense of privacy, but if somebody ties you to your address they instantly know all the transactions you have ever made.

6. If you lose your key or if somebody hacks your account, nobody will be there to help. You lose all your funds.


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What is the value of Midoin?


Today Midoin has a value close to 0, similar to what other cryptocurrencies (ex. Bitcoin) had at the beginning.

A crypto's value is mainly determined by these factors:

1. How many people are using/accepting it

2. How many coins exists

Midoin will be in limited supply. Only 26 million Midoins will ever exist.

We are not concentrating all our effort to make Midoin known to as many people as possible, and thus increase the number of things you can exchange it for (ex. goods, services, other currencies)

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What is the Network effect?


Network effect is the incremental benefit gained by an existing user for each new user that joins the network.

The classic example is the phone that is only useful if other people also own a phone. If only one person owns a phone, the value of the phone network is zero, because they cannot do anything with the network. If a second person owns a phone, then the first person can call the second person, and if that’s beneficial to them both, then the network has some value. If everyone owns a phone, then the phone network is very valuable to all users.

In short, when a network effect is present increased numbers of people improve the value of a good.

So, by inviting your friends, you not only get a 5x boost on your taps and earnings, you also increase the value of the Midoins that you own.

Don't wait, invite your friends now!



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