NEW 2021 Free Crypto Cloud Mining Apps (Like Pi, BEE Network...)

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts! If you aren't already familiar with Pi & Bee Network, these are pre-release cryptocurrencies currently in creation. When you 'mine' through their mobile apps, you receive a set amount (which can be made higher or lower depending on your earning team's active status) of their 'coin' per mining session (usually 24 hours) that will hopefully eventually be a valuable cryptocurrency.  The sooner you sign up and mine, the more coin you'll earn as with each new user milestone they halve the mining rates. There are no guarantees with these miners, but with such a low investment ($0.00!) there's really no risk for trying!

In the off chance you haven't already signed up for the two mentioned above, my referral codes are below.

  • Pi - code: brittkwa
    (IOS, android)

  • Bee Network - code: brittw
    (IOS, android)

There are many similar apps, listed below along with the platforms they support.

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