What is DOT, advantages and disadvantages of DOT projects

By Nguyen thi kim hien | Earn money 5.0 | 21 Feb 2021

What is polkadot? It can be summarized that DOT is a project that connects individual blockchains together.   Advantages    

  • Any type of machine or device needs to be upgraded to Blockchain, too it needs to be upgraded to complete over time, but upgrading Blockchain is not easy and often takes time. there is a way for the upgrade problem.


  • Dot is capable of handling many parallel transactions

    self-governing: members of the dot network have the ability to self-manage their own systems and keep shares transparent in the future.
  • Defect There are too many mixed views for DOT's development because DOT is too young to attract investors. In short, every project has risks, but risks and opportunities go hand-in-hand and of course DOT is too.   

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Nguyen thi kim hien
Nguyen thi kim hien

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Earn money 5.0
Earn money 5.0

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