Overwhelming price Ethereum has passed the 2000 USD mark

By Nguyen thi kim hien | Earn money 5.0 | 20 Feb 2021

Ethereum price crossed the $ 2000 mark in the morning and is now below $ 2000   Over the past few weeks eth prices have been steadily rising and have surged past the $ 2000 mark this morning, bringing ETH's market cap to $ 233 billion. Will ETH be the same as BTC in the near future?
According to analysts, when ETH set a price of $ 1500 back in February, at its current price of 2033.15 this morning, its growth rate was close to 30% Price ETH Let's look at the current ETH price   Should we continue to invest in buying and selling ETH at the moment?



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Nguyen thi kim hien
Nguyen thi kim hien

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Earn money 5.0
Earn money 5.0

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