OKExSIghts -> Take a photo and win NFT's on OKExChain

By cLEarn | EARN METHODS | 16 Apr 2021

Are you photographer or passionate about photo?

Join now OKExSights campaign to win NFT's on OKExChain


👇 How to participate? 👇

1️⃣Take a photo that contains a place of interest from your nearby location such as:

-a beautiful sight ;

-a museum ;

-a national park ;

-a great view from your homeyard or from work ;

-any significant construction ;

-any other beautifull places you like to go visit.


2️⃣Add anything else real in the photo that is related to OKEx such as:

-OKEx App running on phone;

-Write/Paint "OKEx" or "OKExSights" on a piece of paper or anything else and incorporate this in your OKExSight Entry Photo;

-Use merchendise from OKEx in photo;

-Any other idea that you have, in order to add “OKEx” or “OKExSights” in your photo ( photo virtual editing not accepted ).


3️⃣Post your entry to any social media you want ( Reddit , Twitter , Facebook etc ) with the hashtag #OKExSights and submit your URL link from post. Social media post must be public


4️⃣Submit your OKExSights entry and social media link here: SUBMIT ENTRY FORM


💵 Prizes

NFT’s on OKExChain will be distributed for best 10 OKExSights entries:


Join Telegram Communities :
OKEX UK , OKEx English and OKEx Oceania

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