Get $30 signup bonus and up to 100% Crypto Back on your purchases from 1800 stores

By palcrypto | Earn_free_money | 22 Apr 2022

Everyone purchase stuff from many different stores online such as eBay, AliExpress etc or even booking a room using, then why not using SocialGood App and get up to 100% in crypto back on all purchases you do

Join the 1M users & download now to get crypto back on your purchase, as well as receive a $30 signup bonus!


SocialGood App gives max 100% Crypto Back (in $SG) on your purchases from 1,800+ stores! (AliExpress, eBay), You can also exchange your $SG crypto for BTC/USDT or keep for 15% staking

In case you are ready to start earning crypto back, here is what you need to do

Simply use my referral link to download the application or use my invitation code: 7B7ZUV if you have app installed previously



Here is what I have received from purchases  


Here's is the best part (Once get your crypto $SG approved, you can withdraw it to your exchange account or wallet immediately)

$SG is now listed on MEXC, BitMart, Bittrex Global and XT.COM  


NOTE: It could take up to 1 or 2 months to get the crypto back approved, hence it depends on the return policy of each store. (For me, the first purchase I made online took one and half months to get approved and I thought it's just a waste of time then I got the crypto back and worth even more than I expected becasue it's soared up in price once at that time .... Some stores took me less than a month to receive crypto back and get approved)


To know more about $SG, read here  

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