Bitcoin arbitrage trading

Bitcoin arbitrage scams

By Jelly | Jellyblog | 15 Aug 2020

Bitcoin arbitrage

In the early days of the cryptocurrency market, taking advantage of Bitcoin arbitrage trading opportunities was easy. 

Up until 2018, most cryptocurrency exchanges were happy to serve users from anywhere globally. However, stricter regulations on exchanges now make Bitcoin arbitrage trading almost impossible. 

Sadly, as crypto arbitrage trading has become more difficult, there has been a simultaneous rise in the number of crypto arbitrage scams online.   

  • At present, hundreds of websites exist that promise to take care of crypto arbitrage trading on your behalf. All you need to do is deposit Bitcoin on their exchange or platform.

  • Scam Bitcoin arbitrage exchange websites will often say that they use trading bots, sophisticated trading algorithms, and real traders in different global locations to execute profitable arbitrage trades on behalf of users.

  • Often, Bitcoin arbitrage exchange scams lure users with the promise that they will earn guaranteed returns every day, week, or month, regardless of whether the price of Bitcoin is going up or down.

Have you recently stumbled upon a Bitcoin arbitrage exchange website that says you can start earning profits instantly? If so, it is likely a scam. In some cases, platforms will initially payout trading profits. However, all will eventually make it impossible for you to withdraw any amount of Bitcoin you deposit.

In short, unless you have a way to identify real arbitrage opportunities on different exchanges, before executing trades instantly (and legally) yourself, you will not make any kind of profit from arbitrage trading.

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