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By Tana Con | Earn Free Crypto Online | 14 Dec 2019

There are a lot cryptocurrency faucets right now that claims to be the best but ... they turned out to be SCAMS.

They advertise their sites to certain Paid to Click sites to attract more visitors and make them join.

Most of these sites claim to offer bigger amount of cryptocurrency in every claim. They will set a certain amount of whatever cryprocurrency they are offering for you to withdraw. 

And when its actually time to withdraw your earnings, they are already nowhere to be found.

Tired of having these scams site?

Don't you worry because I found this amazing website that offers FREE ETHEREUM every hour.

351665157-0fe3fdb9b6a5816369e15de1053e20325c0968b70e035954297f31c05d7978a8.jpegThis website is calle free-ethereum dot io.

If you want to join, click the button below:

351665157-7b4655aa57a5be697ad3e6f96514e35bb00d85168d8265afdd10a4d499b68303.pngThis site offers one free roll every hour. The amount of ethereum you can claim depends on the Table below.

Once before, I got 0.00140479 ethereum in one free roll. I got lucky I guest but Im sure that Im not the only.



1. Free Roll

This is where you can claim free Ethereum every Hour.

2. Multiply

You can double your ethereum by playing in the High-Low game. I actually have a simple effective trick. Comment down below if you want me to share an article about it.

3. Earn

You can deposit ethereum in their site. It will earn you 6% annually. I do not really recommend it but its all up to you.

4. Referral

Now this is the best part. The offer the highest referral commission percentage. They give you 50% of the amount the referral have in the Free Roll.

351665157-00cdb55a004b30551526e936438ecb75044a58ef32421231772ae8b411cee4ef.pngAND NOW ... THE MOST AWAITED QUESTION.


Below is the withdrawal proof. I received the funds 2 hours after requesting it. You can input any Ethereum Address that you have.

351665157-e08b43ff1f2d7369a8164592767a83e3177a26eceb1e4c7596d0f8537c8f58dc.pngThere are more FREE SITES that gives out FREE CRYPTOS out there. And I will be posting the one by one.

So if you want to join, here's the link:

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Earn Free Crypto Online
Earn Free Crypto Online

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