¿Has Febbit become SCAM?

Seven days ago I decided to withdraw 1500 satoshis from Febbit (the minimum for Faucethub is 1000). I thought the payment would be fast like the other times, but this time I found this message. 


At first I did not care, I know that the wallets of the faucet can be emptied before the administrator fills them. Days went and I always got the message until I communicated it in a cryptocurrency forum. In the discussion messages other Febbit users told me that this message had come out many other times but that in a few days the wallets would be filled and they would pay us.

Then I discovered the NEWS section on Febbit that redirects you to Reddit. I found that more people had noticed the message.


My opinion is that Febbit has become SCAM. They will not pay. It is a shame because I liked the idea and especially try every day to gain satoshis in addition to leveling up, to see how the profits were getting bigger.


UPDATE 11/04/2019: The site pays again. It's great news after having the empty wallet for two weeks. Febbit IS BACK!



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