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Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
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Earn around 51$+ USD every year with Microsoft Rewards


If you use Bing, you can start earning with Microsoft Rewards : just log in with your Microsoft account and you're set ! Now you can earn points daily !

How can I earn with Microsoft Rewards while using Bing ?

It's simple : you can do three different things.

  • Searching stuff on Bing (3 points/search)
  • Doing daily missions (10-30 points/offer)
  • Buying/renting movies/games (? points/offer)

*For me, it's in CAD, and 1'000 points = 1$. I don't know how it is for US citizens.*

There's a limit of 34 searches made on computer and 20 searches made on smartphone daily. That's still a good 162 points you could make every day !

From experience, you can get +/- 50 points/day with the offers. These offers consist of clicking on one of their links, and/or doing a survey (1 question only !) and/or doing a little knowledge quiz (music, stars...). If you do your daily offers consistently for a few days, you'll get bonuses !

Well, now about buying/renting movies/games, you could get a few bucks (in points) for doing something you could already be doing ! It depends on what they offer you but it changes often, so keep an eye out !

One last thing : from time to time, they send you more quizzes to do, which will give you up to 150 points !

What can I do with my points ?

You can get giftcards, make donations, try your luck for rewards, such as laptops, headphones... 


Microsoft Rewards isn't available in all the countries, at least for now, so you can check here to see if you can use it.




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