A Quick Overview Of Cryptopay Project

By Chou Tzu-yu | Earn Free Bitcoin | 8 Sep 2019

Cryptopay is a Bitcoin wallet service based in the UK. Cryptopay is an intermediary service and VISA debit card provider that has been running for more than 3 years. At present Cryptopay has more than 50 thousand clients.

Cryptopay, which has the role of a bitcoin wallet, offers larger and simpler functions in buying and selling bitcoin transactions. Cryptopay provides bitcoin debit card services. If you use Crptopay you can convert your Bitcoin into Euros, British Pounds and USD. Withdrawals can also be done using Cryptopay Mastercard debit at ATMs worldwide. Flex Account.


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Cryptopay feature

-This feature is used to buy, sell and store bitcoin safely without worrying about fluctuations in bitcoin prices. You can top up your account through UK FPS, SEPA or at your BTC address. Bitcoin

debit card - cryptopay offers an alternative withdrawal facility through a bitcoin debit card. This debit card will make it easier for you to convert BTS to Euros, US Dollars and Pounds Sterling. If you want to make a cash withdrawal, use the Cryptopay Matercard at ATMs around the world.

Virtual debit card - One breakthrough for the convenience of online shopping is to use a cryptopay virtual debit card. Cards can be used wherever VISA payment cards are accepted. This card doesn't need a plastic card so you don't need special space to carry it.

Money transactions - Cryptopay makes it easy for you to transfer money to anyone in the world. Simply prepare your cryptopay account and the transfer process will be done immediately.

Cryptopay provides online user services to facilitate sales transactions using a cryptopay debit card. This cryptopay debit card consists of 2 types:

Plastic card - Like most debit cards, this cryptopay credit card has the same shape. This cryptopay credit card can be used for offline purchases such as at POS or also for withdrawals at ATMs. The cryptopay plastic card order price is $ 15.

Virtual card -This virtual card is perfect for those of you who like to shop online and verify accounts. You also do not need to be afraid of this card because it is virtual. The manufacturing price is $ 2.50.

The steps to register cryptopay are:

1. Enter the registration form link

2. Complete the registration form, then sign up

3. Check the email as a verification of the link provided by cryptopay

4. Open the account bar , click order a card at the bottom page

5. On the Card Type sub bar , select the currency that you will use on your credit card ie EUR, GBP, or USD and click continue

6. Then fill in your personal informationand shipping address

7. Finally, don't forget to check

when all the procedures have been passed, all you have to do is wait for the cryptopay card to be sent.

The cryptopay debit card can be used for online payments anywhere as long as VISA payments are accepted. Its use during transactions is also very easy. You can easily transfer money to anyone. In just a few seconds and your transaction is done.

Similar to bitcoin transactions where we can hide the user's real identity, on cryptopay ID verification is not enforced so that the user's privacy will be maintained. This is usually done by customers who are comfortable being in the lower credit card limit.

After creating an account, the day after that, the cryptopay card can be sent. How to pay for a credit card that has been ordered is also very easy, you just pay it in the currency accepted by Cryptopay, namely Euro, US Dollar and BTC. Activities related to cryptocurrency (ICOs) are also prohibited.

However, in its home country, Japan even inaugurated a law governing payment services using digital money which came into force on April 1, 2017. The Payment Service Act which is part of the Banking Act was amended to allow digital currencies to be used as legal payment instruments.

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