"Bitcoin is Dead". "WHATS IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE"
Theon GreyJoy

"Bitcoin is Dead". "WHATS IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE"



For the Past ten years some of the most notable minds in journalism and finance has claimed Bitcoin to be dead or about to die. I mean these individuals launched aggressive campaign's to desecrate bitcoins public image. Bitcoin is not a person but it does have its own image, an identity almost if you was to call it that. This allows plenty of space for criticism, and Wired magazine was one of the first to point out the rise and fall of bitcoin in an article back in 2011 followed up by basically every respectable platform is finance and accounting. were talking Bloomberg, The Wall Street Daily, The Washington Post, Forbes, Business Insider the list goes on. Some articles are more negative than others but the theme's were all the same. "Bitcoin is a Scam and it always will be"  "Bitcoins is a TERRIBLE Store of Value"  The Bitcoin BUBBLE has burst is basically the most overused term in the past 5 years, and where bitcoin now, its approaching all time highs and preparing for a new blow off top. Bitcoinisdead.org is a great site that has been covering the assault on bitcoin for the past 10 years. They tracked the seemingly innumerable amount of times bitcoin has been attacked by the media or ridiculed by some blithering foolish blogger. Look at the chart below showing the bitcoin price then and now, it is apparent where BlockChain technology is headed.


It's true bitcoins has died, in fact its has  died multiple times making it basically immortal, because like the drowned god of the iron islands "what is dead may never die but rises again harder and stronger". The CryptoCurrency Market Cap is headed to 3 Trillion Dollars and will climb further still, obviously Satoshi Nakamoto had enough perspicacity and knowledge of the market system wall street, finance and CODING to produce actual digital money that works. Instead of testing out blockchain tech or FinTech you should say, they shot the platform down and costed investors millions if not billions in potential profit by talking them out of investing in Bitcoin when it was till affordable. We all have to take responsibility for our financial behavior, knowing who to take advice from when it come to investing is a skill that needs to be learned. It makes more financial sense to do your own due dilligance and invest where your heart tells you to, instead of taking advice from large scale media moguls and financial advisers who have no clue where the future is headed. Ill Say it again Bitcoin is Dead But " What is Dead May Never Die "




If Bitcoin was a god it would be the drowned god of the iron islands. 
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