Earn $3 in ALEPH for FREE on Coinbase: reward quiz answers

Coinbase offers the possibility to earn some FREE cryptos while learning about new digital currencies projects. Today you can earn $3 in ALEPH while answering 3 simple questions.

First if you don't have an account you need to singup at Coinbase and complete KYC procedure. This is mandatory if you want to full use the website.
Then head to the learning center and pick AMP.

You can follow the cards and learning about the project or go straight to the Quiz. Here the answers:

  • 1) What is A decentralized cloud computing network
  • 2) What problem is solving? Providing the power to fully decentralize applications
  • 3) What can the ALEPH token be used for? To access computing and storage resources


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Earn Cryptos Free without investment
Earn Cryptos Free without investment

Sharing some ways I tested to earn free cryptos without any investment and little effort.

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