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By Mospher | Earn_Crypto | 26 Jan 2021


RollerCoin is a game where you are a Miner and you play some games to make your mine grow up.


Do I need pay to play ?

No you don't need pay to play, also, you can invest money buying miners to grow up faster and get the boost power but this is your choise.

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How to mine ?

So to mine you gonna need to play some games. 


Those guys help your POWER (TH/S) grow up. More power you have must fast you mine.


You also can you choose what you want mine. 


All games have 10 Levels. To pass for the next level you need to win 3 times. Every time you pass for the next level or win you receive more POWER (TH/S)

Each game have a different TIME and REWARD so check what is the best for you.


When you win power your rank grow up to.


More you win and more power you got your PC grow up to. You have 4 PC's transformation. 

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Here you can see how much are you mining. You get refresh every 5 minutes it's mean, every 5 minutes your miner update and you get paid




When can I withdraw ?

You can withdraw obvious but exist a limit to take what you have mine.

Bitcoin: 0.0001

Ethereum: 0.004

Doge: 360


Can I be rich playing with this ?

Of course no, but you can make some money but depend how much time or how much you invest on this.

You not win from the day to night it takes your time to grow up. 

My experience 

In my opinion it's a good and fair miner game. I have made this (look the image) in one week playing in the same day 2 hours. It's not much but with time it's grow but of course I'm not put my live or all time on this game. I play when I don't have nothing to do.


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