Win tickets worth up to 1200$ when signing up on the SwissBorg exchange

By LordWolf | Crypto Starting | 6 Apr 2021

What is SwissBorg ?

SwissBorg is a swiss, secure, transparent and easy-to-use exchange where you can buy cryptocurrency.
You always are paying the cheapest cryptocurrency as they compare the price of a list of exchanges and buy the lower one.
In addition, you can lock your cryptocurrency on the app and earn a high APY (currently up to 12% with ETH and 5 % with CHSB).

Eligible countries here

Terms here

Swissborg are back again with the amazing bonus up to 200$ !! And now 1000$ 
1- Click here and sign up with your phone number

2- Download the SwissBorg app and sign in with the same phone number

3- Deposit at least 50$

4- We will both receive a ticket worth between 2 - 200$ of CHSB (price is randomly chosen)

5- You can hold your CHSB or directly cash out to your bank account or an exchange/wallet that accepts it

And until April 13, 2021, 10 lucky people will get a Reward Ticket worth €1,000!

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