BetFury how to get BFG Tokens Fast

By LordWolf | Crypto Starting | 23 Feb 2021

Hello guys I will show you up some of my strats to get some BFG fast at BetFury

So the first one with the faucet you can get up to 0.03 BFG token or even more.

At dice Multiplier x1.0315 roll under 95 with 1sat or even more if you can then leave it on Auto for some minutes. 

At limbo you need to accumulate some sats 100 is already good you start with 1sat but at multiplier you change it every bet like you start x2 if you lose 3x 4x etc I stop all the time when I have 7 lose streak when it happens I change my bet amount to 3 and start again but multiplier x4 until I have a 10lose streak.

The limbo one is is better to farm some extra sats to play at dice. Or even other games. 

BetFury Site

Hope this can help you getting more BFG Tokens, sorry if my English is bad and good luck everyone. 

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