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Lightning is Booming - sMilesBitcoin.com App Adds Unstoppable Domains

By davidgyoung | Earn Bitcoin | 20 Mar 2022

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to earn free Bitcoin is to install the sMiles BTC App and start stacking satoshis simply for walking.  There are several other ways to get free Bitcoin as well, and one of them is shopping with partners such as Unstoppable Domains - the highly popular NFT domain service.  Stack sats by shopping through your app. 

Since sMiles runs on the Lightning Network, let's take a look at the recent growth in BTC capacity on Lightning courtesy of Glassnode:


bitcoin lightning network

Despite crypto being in a frustrating trading range trending downward since November, the growth of the Lightning Network continues on.  One might expect it to accelerate further as the U.S. recently proved it can and will seize foreign exchange reserves held in USD. 


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Earn Bitcoin
Earn Bitcoin

The purpose of this blog is to try and help people identify and implement options, solutions, or "life hacks" that enable one to earn Bitcoin. This could be earning BTC or crypto from playing games, shopping, walking or exercise, performing tasks, mining, or whatever.

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