Safe Network-Building Decentralized Internet |Shadda Review|

 Welcome in the short review of safe network by Shadda


  • The founder of safe network has presented the aim of this network in this way.
  • "Fixing the Internet isn't optional, and now there's a solution we can all be part of." David Irvine — Founder
  • Creation of decentralized internet
  • Freedom of expression
  • Control of personal data
  • Private and Secure communication  and whole new economy.

What is Safe Network?

Safe Network is decentralized and autonomous data network that boost extra disc space and processing power and data connectivity for its uses.

 Safe Network is using economy for creating a autonomous and dcentric data network  that will be based on MESH Technology.

Structure Of Safe Network:

Sirf network is composed of two main users.


He is the user of safe network who will use different feature of safe network like browsing storing data and other features that we are using on internet now.


He Is the user of safe network who will look after the data of client and he will be rewarded with safecoin.


It is a decentralized coin for safe network and will be awarded to farmers for caring the client data and activities. It is integrated and distributed by network entirely.

Distinctive feature of Safe Setwork:

1). Safe Network will give total privacy and absolute security to its users.

2).They will give tool for private and Secure communication  that will give freedom to collaborate.

3). You don't need to have password manager because your all password will be same that we used during account creation.

4). former can contribute to the network and get rewarded they can contribute by offering and use resources like hard disk space  and bandwidth.

Safe Network Website:

Safe Network On Coinmarketcap:

Safe Network Social Media Accounts:





Safe network has a unique concept of creating decentralized and autonomous network that will be very great and I think it will be supported by a lot of investors.


Thanks a lot for reading.


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