Tips for beginners: How to write a good article on Publish0x?

Tips for beginners: How to write a good article on Publish0x?

By Ahmed Zaki | E-Gains | 27 Aug 2020

Before you write .. you must read well

Writing is a wonderful thing, especially when you gain from it .. it becomes a source of income and work for you... But is everyone able to write?
Answer: Yes!
Do not be surprised .. everyone is really able to write .. but not everyone is able to write something good and professional.
If you want to write a good article .. you have to have the tools to achieve this.
  • You must read well...

  • When you read a lot, you will get used to the act of reading.
  • if you have the desire to write, you will find yourself naturally motivated to write.
  • What you write will certainly not be good at first, but it will be acceptable and possibly encouraging.

Writing tools well

You may be asking yourself now: What are these writing tools?
Reading is one of these tools, as it is like laying a foundation for building a strong home .. So you have to make the foundation of your home strong by reading the many and varied.
As for beautifying the house from the outside and putting amazing touches on it from the inside .. it is done with the rest of the tools .. the most important of which is the language .. there is no writing without language .. even if you are weak in the grammar of the language .. you should try to develop your linguistic abilities .. and there is no objection to asking for help From others .. and the use of websites and applications that help you improve and correct your language.
  • Read your article after you finish writing it ... but with the reader's eye.
  • Start deleting any useless word, sentence, or even paragraph.. this is called a filler.
  • Get rid of the filler in your article to make it interesting and useful to readers.
  • Read it aloud ... this will help you discover mistakes that you may not notice when writing or reading the first.

What next to having good writing tools?

The question you might think of right now: Does it all depend on having the writing tools just to write a good article?
Answer: No!
Once again, do not be surprised .. Think with me a little .. If someone has complete drawing tools and assuming he is talented .. Does this mean that he can draw a beautiful painting?
of course not.
Tools and personal readiness to write are very important things... But in order to write a good article, you must first look for a good idea.
Then this idea is written in a way that attracts the reader's attention...
and encourages him to continue reading and admiring it.
Remember that the reader is attracted only by what interests him, or is useful to him, or that arouses his curiosity and passion.
Therefore, you have to put an attractive title...
  • And write the idea in a sequence that does not hinder the reader from enjoying reading...
  • And write in an interesting and simple manner..
  • Stay away from difficult terms that make the reader bored...
  • And try to leave a good impression on the reader so that he searches for you and your articles after that...

The size and format of the article before its content and language .. but!

Care for your article to be condensed with the completion of the idea that you are proposing...
That is, do not make the reader feel bored because of the length of the article and its fullness with filling...
And also do not make him feel disappointed by the shortness of the article and the incompleteness of the idea.
And remember that the size and format of the article are your important tool to attract the reader's attention before its content and language .. This does not mean a lack of interest in the content and language... As we said, the article would not be good without it...
But you must pay attention to the format because it is the first thing that catches the reader's attention...
  • Starting with the attractive and interesting title...
  • The good coordination that is comfortable to the eye during reading...
  • Such as placing subheadings for each paragraph...
  • And highlighting sentences or words in italics or bold or otherwise to draw attention The reader to it...
  • And use pictures or illustrations if necessary.

Write what expresses your experience and your ideas!

Write what expresses your experience, and your ideas .. in this way you can write original articles .. that belong to you alone...
Originality is important to your success in writing .. especially here on Publish0x, so you are not allowed to copy content from another site and include it in your article unless the owner of this content allows you.. remember this well.
Therefore, be keen on writing original articles .. and be sure to always provide information or benefit to the reader .. This will make him interested in what you write and will make sure to follow you and thus you will have more readers, and this undoubtedly will make your profit from writing articles greater.
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