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Decentralized exchanges are incredibly popular in the cryptocurrency trading place. Because it allows us to trade from one cryptocurrency to another without having to perform any kind of KYC procedures.  

Sounds interesting!     

But the problem with Decentralized exchanges is that it doesn't work over with different blockchains (means cross-chain). 

  To provide an example, Uniswap, can trade between Ethereum standard tokens such as a Basic Attention Token or USDT and so on. Furthermore, With Pancakeswape, I can trade BSC-20 standard tokens. It means that I can't able to trade among different Blockchains. As a consequence of facts, we can't trade Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash or Tezos or Stellar or Tron on Uniswap. 

Just because, Uniswap is focused specifically on the Ethereum Blockchain and ERC-20 type tokens.    

So, if we want to trade between various blockchains, then we are needed to using a Centralized exchange. So, this is where SwapSpace comes into the picture. Therefore, SwapSpace allows us to go between multiple Blockchains. it's an exchange aggregator that allows us to go between multiple blockchains, supports over 450 different cryptocurrencies, and allows us to do all this without performing KYC procedures.   

 I'm ecstatic to introduce SwapSpace, which is more than a crypto exchange. so, the advantage here is that there's a lot of great decentralized exchanges. But the problem with them is that being limited to native Blockchain to Blockchain. Such as Uniswap for ethereum and Pancakeswap for Binance smart chain.    

 If, we want to go from one chain to another chain. Suppose, from Polkadot to Ethereum. So, we usually have to go through a centralized exchange. which means doing KYC procedures that we don't like.   

   Using the SwapSpace, we can go directly between chains. The best thing about this, we are not dealing with native assets. As you know, if you have ethereum you might have wrapped bitcoin on Uniswap. Similarly, if we're on Binance smart chain. we might have wrapped Polkadot and wrapped Tezos.  At the end of the day, as the fact of consequences, these are native assets of those underlying blockchains.   Before we start to other aspects of SwapSpace, we need to know some core advantages to be use SwapSpace as entirely.

 Reasons to use SwapSpace -:)


  • Conveniently useable
  • Quick procedure
  • Cross-Blockchain trading
  • No extra fees charge (SwapSpace itself).
  • Wallet to wallet.
  • Non-custodial funds.
  • No account required (means that no sign up needed).
  • No KYC required.
  • Different rates offered.
  • No need to connect wallet (like Decentralized exchange).
  • There is no limit how much you want to exchange cryptos.
  • Instant transaction (based blockchain network). 
  • 24/7 support by the responsive team
  • Trustpilot  review option (for user's opinions).
  • Fixed and floating rates available.
  • More than 450+ coins offered to exchange 💱 there.
  • Referral Program available For extra earnings for a long term.
  • Anyone can access exchange from over all the world(🌎).
  • Trustworthy partners to provide swap services.
  • API integration option for third party( Any one can include swapspace's services to their own website without need to having to leave website).
  • 🔒 Secured deals (without any middleman).

Aforementioned bult points quite considerably in order to make good 👍 decision. Overall, the swapspace provides, CEXs & DEXs combined features.

What is SwapSpace?  

SwapSpace, which is an Exchange to make an easy crypto swap system. The basic concept of SwapSpace exchange is to collect all data from those other swapping exchanges, where you can find out the best and cheap exchange prices for your coins and tokens.  

   Essentially, they find out the best rates from different exchange offering services, Where are the best offers to exchange coins between each other. You can easily exchange tokens from popular coins and tokens to coins.  

Huge Features-;)

  • Aggregates Exchanges: SwapSpace try to bring the best rates from the variety partners for you on their one friendly user interface of the screen. SwapSpace does hard work for its customers to bringing the all offers by its partners.


  • No Sign Up Required: SwapSpace offers its users to do exchange cryptos of without having account to their exchange. It has eliminated KYC requirement. It makes SwapSpace more lucrative.


  • Zero Fees : SwapSpace doesn't deduct any fees from users but SwapSpace liquidity provider partners fees charges. As it is nature to enhance and provide better service. It's not totally free that's meant to SwapSpace doesn't charge any fee as third party. The prices which you will see in "You get" section are included all related fees.


  • Unlimited exchange cryptos: therefore, there is minimum amount for exchange started from 2$ to 20$ (based on coins/tokens and provider) but there is no limit how much you want to exchange cryptos. It's totally up to you as much as you are needed to convert cryptos.


Working Mechanism-;)


Take a quick look at how does SwapSpace works? 

  Here we will be converting"LRC to Ether" with service in just a few easy steps. Within four convenient steps all will be done.

On step 1, on the SwapSpace homepage, choose the currency you are willing to swap in the "You send" section.


Pick it in the drop-down list or use the search bar. Just start searching the name or ticker of the cryptocurrency. Next, enter the number of coins you want to exchange.     

  Now, select Ether in the "You get" section. You can also use the search bar. You will instantly see the approximate amount of ETH you will receive. Be sure that you are not sending the amount less than the minimum one cause there is a minimum amount for every exchange. After that, press the View offers button.


  At this stage, you'll see the list of exchange services that provide the LRC to ETH swaps.  


On SwapSpace, you may choose between fixed and floating exchange rates. Choose the variant you like the most and click the Exchange button. We will go for the best rate option.  

On Step 2, enter the recipient ETH address where you would like to see your Ether. Check   the information carefully and make sure that everything is correct.


There is option to refund address, in case of something got wrong. If everything is fine, hit the Next button and you will be directed to the next page. 

 On step 3, you need to send the specified amount of LRC to the address you will see on the screen.


You can use the QR-code to make it faster.

On Step 4: At this step, the exchange status is Awaiting payment. It means that they are waiting for your deposit.


  After the exchange has received your crypto deposit, the status changes to Payment received processing, which means that your cryptocurrency is being processed. Use the Swap Tracker to check the exchange status.

  After the system has sent you the ETH, the transaction status shifts to Completed. You receive your transaction hash and can see your coins in the wallet.   And that's it! Now you've learned how to swap LRC to Ether in a fast and easy way.   

Here is SwapSpace official  video. Check out it! 

Let's compare SwapSpace offered price to its competitors! I have done some price comparison over the last 5 days. Let's me show you them.

SwapSpace's Partners Rates & Competitors!


That is where swapspace becomes more attractive! Although, only not Swapspace is an instant swap offering exchange. There are a lot of crypto swapping services are available to convert crypto instantly, maybe with some different features and offers. I compared them to SwapSpace over the last few days, SwapSpace defeats them all by offering cheap rates for cryptos swapping. As you can see in the below that describes reality.

  • ExchangeNow

1BTC = 15.700628 ETH

1BTC = 171413.85 Doge🐕

10 Litcoin (LTC) = Doesn't supported

  • SimpleSwap

1BTC = 15.73930619 ETH

1BTC = 166942.71 Doge🐕

10 Litcoin (LTC) = 583.76715903(1INCH)

1BTC. = 15.931927ETH

1BTC = 173269.12Doge🐕

10 Litcoin (LTC) = 585.55729061(1INCH)

I can list a lot but it will be got very long. You also can manually compare yourself in which like you. Meant by this is to tell everyone the SwapSpace doesn't charge any fee as a middleman.

Here is a chart when the Bitcoin price was around to 40k$ and ETH 2k$.


SwapSpace come out consistently with best prices to our coins and tokens. There are a lot of swapping exchanges that I didn't cover. But SwapSpace offers better compare to them.


Therefore, this does not matter what are prices  right now. But SwapSpace is always first and maybe remain first forever in the  cryptocurrency market.

Note: Your comparison price can differ just because of market volatility.

SwapSpace Partners List;


  SwapSpace has been doing quite well in the partners section. SwapSpace has partnered with top  market leaders.


SwapSpace's Vision & Mission?


  SwapSpace aims to be the single solution for newly crypto users, to simplify the exchanging process with a transparent ecosystem for those, who are confused being unnecessary steps by exchanges such as registrations. It eradicated KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements even that, you don't need to create an account here, which makes it more attractive. It provides instant crypto exchanging facilities to satisfy the users with no limits of swap for cryptos and extra fees. SwapSpace is an alternative to all transitional exchanges, where users hesitate to give out their sensitive information. Moreover, as being at a non-custodial exchanging space, you don't need to connect with your wallet. All funds are remain protected in your wallet without risk of custodial funds. SwapSpace doesn't store user's funds. In short, SwapSpace intended to be a transparent and faster ecosystem for exchanging cryptos without a single point of failure.  


Even though Centralized exchanges have not been preferred over the last past few years and everybody's priority is even not centralized exchanges.Because centralized exchanges ask to provide user's identity verification and more processing to create an account at their platforms. People want to be, satisfied with their financial services to convert one crypto to another. That's why Decentralized exchanges are popular among them. But, decentralized exchanges are restricted to the blockchain. Hence, SwapSpace exchange is instant and efficiently useable worldwide. SwapSpace has significant potential to change our financial services. I greatly encourage you, if you decided to give out at least one chance to SwapSpace for converting your cryptos.

         SwapSpace's Social Stats

  • Disclaim !
  • This is not a kind of financial advice. You  can better care of your money. Because trading is like a war. Where you make yourself decision.
  • I tried to help you to understand SwapSpace's everything in simple way and words, so that everything will be easy to understand.
  • Guys, keep me supporting and loving.
  • If you are interested to more trading strategies then visit here my first article.
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