How To Bridge Funds for the ValhallaDao launch


Skol fellow Vikings!


So you heard about ValhallaDao and want to have some $MIM ready to go? Well if you are new to the Avalanche network you have a few choices. 

1. You could buy $AVAX on an exchange that supports C-Chain, send to Metamask, and finally buy $MIM on TraderJoe

2. You bridge funds from another chain. There are a lot of options here and not all coins are supported by all the bridges so you may look around for the right bridge.


I will refer you to the two Stakingbits articles below which walk you through setting up Metamask and bridging from ETH using the Avalanche Bridge.


For this example we will use the synapse bridge to swap from USDT on ETH to USDT on Avalanche

Go to

In metamask ensure you select the network that you are swapping from.



On Synapse click connect and select Metamask. Your wallet address will appear in the upper right corner. Select the token (ex. USDT) on ETH you want to swap from, then select the network to swap to (Avalanche USDT). After that enter the amount you wish to swap, click approve token, approve Synapse to spend the token you are swapping in Metamask when it pops up, Next click Bridge token, pay attention to the fees in Metamask and accept the transaction. I do not recommend changing any gas fees as this could cause transaction to take longer or fail altogether.




Nothing left to do now except wait for your coins to show up on the Avalanche network. If bridging from ETH this could take some time. All other chains should only take a couple minutes


Head over to TraderJoe to trade for $MIM Make sure you save/get some $AVAX for transaction fees!





Congratulations you are ready to enter Valhalla! While you are waiting for the gates to open grab a Beer and relax!




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