Dynamic Weekly #38

Well after taking a week off last week, and having my account restricted briefly but resolved now, we are back.


Market overall

While I think there is some hope soon this has been the most painful couple weeks during a bullrun that I can remember. That of course assumes we are still in a bull market even though a few traditional indicators/established trends have been broken.

Warning Amateur Chart analysis incoming.....


Bitcoin has for the most part held within this triangle on the daily chart but there is very little room left in it. My guess is that Monday or Tuesday we see dramatic action one way or another. Alot of the internet has been pushing this as a Wyckoff Accumulation pattern and the drop Tuesday may have represented the "Spring" and now we should be heading for a test of support (today) a retest of resistances




Value metrics


Market Cap: $ 15,366,066 (-$994,141)

Price USD: $0.995 (-$0.065 / -6%)

Price BTC: ₿0.00002754 (-174sats / -6%)

Weekly Volume: $73,138 (+$ 32,691)


Supply Metrics


Network Growth continues to be strong

Dynodes online: 5053 (+186) that’s 5,053,000 coins locked away off the market 32.72% of supply. Note- 1041 (-150) additional inactive 6.74% of supply.

Total supply locked (includes Company assets): 54.35%

Average block time: 2min 15s (+3s)

Average reward Frequency for Dynodes: 7d 22h 4m (~ +10h 39min)

Dynode ROI: 5.70% / 6404 days

Difficulty: ~4.142(+0.36)

Average Hashrate: 60.23MH (+4.24MH)


Development metrics

Version 2.5 is now targeted for end of June. This is in order to incorporate a new Difficulty adjustment algorithm to prevent unintentional forks. The new DAA will modify some blockchain parameters but the consensys within the discord chats are that the rewards/scheme should remain the same. The DAA will a Zcash style model. See more here.

Version 2.6 (no date) - Will implement Deterministic masternodes

Version 3.0 (no date) - Will implement Masternode POS (like Crown) and POW Mining will end.


Commits this week: 5 (+5)

Weekly average: 1687


Community Engagement


Discord Users: 1295

Telegram users: 1181

Twitter followers Duality+Duality Health: 14306

Rough estimate of the Chinese community on WeChat ~11K and QQ 4945 as of last update from community member Xoleo

Total Change all platforms: -108


Exchange Order Books

There are 103,922 (+4258) DYN available on open market. Buy support of ₿0.7959 (-₿0.628).














Top $DYN Stories / Duality News


This weeks daily nuggets are pure gold! Commercial agreements, revenue, more resources! Dell Med wants to go all in on DYN so should you.






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Not Financial advice, do your own research. I am not affiliated with Duality Solutions or Duality Health. This is an unpaid article. I am a holder of $DYN $SEQ

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