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What a rough couple weeks for the market overall. If you aren't down 50%+ just by HODLing then you are probably pretty happy with yourself.


It seems that the community needs an injection of some pure #Hopium so thats what your going to get instead of my usual data points.



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Below are my thoughts and data on why the short term price does not matter and why smart money (at least the ones who know about DYN) are still accumulating for the next impulse beyond 5000 sats


Long term price charts


In terms of BTC DYN had turned the downward trendline into support and bounced back in April, now we are making a very long and strong base of support around the previous support zone that is currently acting as resistance. The usd chart doesn't matter as we the BTC chart is dominating at the moment but we will need to reclaim the $1.50 level strongly after breaking BTC resistance to have a clear path higher.

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In the last year we went from 400 nodes active to 5000 nodes active and that does not include the 500-1.5K nodes that remain inactive each week. Since I started tracking data we have averaged 108nodes per week. 108 nodes a week consumes 108k tokens, each week only 9450 coins are created..... that is pretty crazy by itself. We are ranked as the 5th largest masternode network in the world. We have ROI's on par with some of the largest tokes out there (Dash, SYS, Zen) and our nodes are affordable for anyone to use. 






Lets talk about volumes. Now if people were still dumping coins even though the data above shows they are not then I suppose we would see a lot of volume occurring to correspond to the dump. Well guess what - the last we only had $130K in volume one of the lowest weeks in the last 10weeks. The average volume the last 10 weeks was ~$193K and last 6 weeks was ~$176K no one is dumping coins. Also if miners are selling 100% of their coins then they barely account for 5% of total volume each week and we can see that with an average of 108K coins locked in masternodes each week the rest of the trades are a wash with bots and people accumulating to add more nodes.



Upcoming news/developments


The last months have been full of DYN 2.5 development, new hires/advisors, marketing planning and meetings with firms, introductions to more players in the Healthcare field, invitations to blockchain talks, etc. Feel free to check out my old articles or the teams daily nuggets feed in discord for all the news.


Most exciting of all though right now is we are closer than ever to DYN 2.5, and the team has some big plans in the works for a DEX listing. Here are the last two weeks of nuggets that should be all you need to know this project has a future.





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Not Financial advice, do your own research. I am not affiliated with Duality Solutions or Duality Health. This is an unpaid article. I am a holder of $DYN $SEQ



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