Dynamic Weekly #31

Well I was wrong about $BTC so this week I'll say its going down to at least 45K before we see a bottom.     110d593e5d5ab1856de90cffe422ba140bb8d245cb8d669b9384eaa5ff579a6f.png


Value metrics


Market Cap: $ 24,453,269 (-$ 754,007)

Price USD: $1.59 (-$0.05 / -3%)

Price BTC: ₿0.00003234 (+543sats / 20%)

Weekly Volume: $199,574 (+$ 128,890)


Supply Metrics


Dynodes online: 4862 (63) that’s 4,862,000 coins locked away off the market (31.61%) of supply). Note- 808 (+20) additional inactive 5.25% of supply.

Total supply locked (includes Company assets): 51.82%

Average block time: 2min 11s (-2s)

Average reward Frequency for Dynodes: 7d 9h 36m (~ -24min)

Dynode ROI: 6.10% / 5984 days

Difficulty: ~3.624 (-2.021)

Average Hashrate: 62.66MH (-4.63MH)


Development metrics

Dynamic 2.5 Beta is out. and under testing

New "Insight" Explorer will be released in a few days


Commits this week: 8 (-312)

Weekly average: 2177


Community Engagement


Discord Users: 1580

Telegram users: 953

Twitter followers Duality+Duality Health: 14846

Rough estimate of the Chinese community on WeChat ~11K and QQ 4945 as of last update from community member Xoleo

Total Change all platforms: -1082


Exchange Order Books

There are 159,049 (+39,030) DYN available on open market. Buy support of ₿1.252 (+₿0.010665).










Top $DYN Stories / Duality News

$DYN will have a new Explorer in a few days


Stex markets seem to be picking up from 0 volume in last weeks enough so that there are literally <3000 Dyn for sale there. If you are in the selling mood then please consider putting your coins over there so newcomers can actually buy coins there.


$Seq even has been getting some volume on both ETH and BTC pairs so it would seem there is a buyer out there. Note that Duality has not made any announcements for the swap rate of SEQ to DGA and no update on the timeline for DGA has been given lately.



Useful Links/Sources

Join the Dynamic Discord, tip, Clap, and Follow me on Twitter


Other Coins I hold (Let me know if you want to hear more I could start a separate blog for other coins) Do your own research to make sure they are good for you.

Wagerr $WGR- Online sportsbook Check it out, Ill give you 25 $WGR for your first bet if you use my referral link, follow me on Twitter and message me there with your address

$Shroom/$Gswap for NFT

Haven $XHV - next generation of stable coins and x-assets, private. Be your own Swiss bank vault

ShareToken $SHR - These guys kind of do everything, but I'm calling it amazon plus travelocity with major global business and government partners.


Not Financial advice, do your own research. I am not affiliated with Duality Solutions or Duality Health. This is an unpaid article. I am a holder of $DYN $SEQ

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Crypto Wizard Raistilin
Crypto Wizard Raistilin

Crypto enthusiast, Engineer, PC Gamer, nerd I do not provide Financial Advice.

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