Dynamic Weekly #22 Feb 20th

A day late on this post, but honestly was way to busy watching the whole market go up yesterday. If any readers were caught in any of the Texas/Southern US weather this week, hopefully everything starts getting back to normal for you soon.


Value metrics

Not gonna lie, these numbers are pretty sad this week.

Market Cap: $ 11,269,612 (-$ 175,491)

Price USD: $0.736 (-$0.0123 / -2%)

Price BTC: ₿0.00001279 (-294 sats / -19%)

Weekly Volume: $270,759 (-$ 1,519,206 ) ..... uh Hello? Is anyone out there?


Supply Metrics


Dynodes online: 3632 (+37) that’s 3,632,000 coins locked away off the market (23.74%) of supply). Note- 801 (+8) additional inactive 5.24% of supply.

Total supply locked (includes Company assets): 44.01%

Average block time: 2min 9s (-0s)

Average reward Frequency for Dynodes: 5d 10h 41m 20s (~ +57min)

Dynode ROI: 8.29% / 4403 days

Difficulty: ~5.1744 (+1.109)

Average Hashrate: 71.89MH (+6.45MH) We had the Highest daily Hashrate since October on Friday, looking like some new big players may have joined in


Development metrics


Commits this week: 36 (-31333)

Weekly average: 2219.4


Community Engagement


Discord Users: 1180 (-7)

Telegram users: 979 (-15)

Twitter followers Duality+Duality Health: 17472 (-427)

Rough estimate of the Chinese community on WeChat ~9.5K (+0) and QQ 4859 (+0) as of last update from community member Xoleo



Exchange Order Books

There are 478,616 (+7,948) DYN available on open market. Buy support of ₿0.561(-₿0.035).











Top Stories/News


Development continues, Lead Developer Spencer indicates he will personally be making sure to push some more frequent updates to the community on where things stand. But from his post seems like alot of good stuff.




Useful Links/Sources

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Other Coins I hold (Let me know if you want to hear more I could start a separate blog for other coins) Do your own research to make sure they are good for you.

Wagerr $WGR- Online sportsbook Check it out

$Shroom/$Gswap for NFT

Haven $XHV - next generation of stable coins and xassets, private,

ShareToken $SHR - These guys kindof do everything, but im calling it amazon plus travelocity with major asian big business partners.


Not Financial advice, do your own research. I am not affiliated with Duality Solutions or Duality Health. This is an unpaid article. I am a holder of $DYN $SEQ

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Crypto Wizard Raistilin

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