How to earn passive income via yield farming in Binance Smart Chain?

By durianfi | DurianFi | 12 Nov 2021

About DurianFi

Durian Finance (DurianFi) is a decentralised finance protocol for yield farming. User can farm/harvest new token by providing liquidity to dex like pancakeswap.

Adding liquidity (BNB/DurianFi) to pancakeswap will give you Cake-LP. Staking these Cake-LP into the system will allow you to farm more DurianFi.

Estimated emission of 2t/year will be allocated to yield farming alone. Staking, unstaking or using stake/swap, the system will automatically harvest for you.

You can unstake your share anytime to retrieve back your CAKE-LP liquidity token and remove liquidity from the pool.


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