Dumb Money Trader

Dumb Money Trader

Profitable futures, stock, options and crypto trader. I enjoy everything about investing and trading, and really like helping new traders. The markets - any market - is not a casino if you know how to play their game.

Short Term E-Mini S&P Movement Possibilities

12 Apr 2021 1 minute read 0 comments DumbMoneyTrader

Just a quick analysis this morning, pre-U.S. session, and it looks like /ES might come down and retest the 4100 area. I have a support zone that stats at 4101.  From there, it might bounce all the way up to 4130 area, where I have a resistance zone t...

Is Bitcoin the Reason for Gold's Melt Down?

22 Mar 2021 3 minute read 0 comments DumbMoneyTrader

Gold has been slowly losing value since August 7, 2020. Is this because of Bitcoin? I think it is definitely possible. The above chart is a TradingView chart. Notice, we are at a huge support area. So what happens from here, I think, is pretty impor...

Bitcoin Possibly Moving to the 70s

21 Mar 2021 1 minute read 0 comments DumbMoneyTrader

I was charting BTC today, and noticed on the dailtly chart, that it has been making higher lows with rejection candles, within a bull pennant. So, after pulling out my crystal ball, it became apparent to me that BTC could be heading to a resistance...