Global Digital NFT Art Competition with exciting prizes worth over $5,000 USD!

By Nicole Nguyen | Duelist King | 5 Oct 2021


Duelist King, the first NFT card game built on #Win2Earn feature and fair distribution, has recently announced their partnership with the prominent social gaming platform Ludena Protocol. To celebrate this partnership, Ludena Protocol and Duelist King are launching a Digital NFT Art competition in connection with Enjin!

NFTs are increasingly finding its use cases and utilities in a number of industries like gaming, arts and collectibles. Hence, this competition is not only a celebration of Duelist King launch but also paves the way for artists to be engaged with the evolving NFT ecosystem, showcase their art, win exciting prizes as well as have their artwork auctioned on ENJ and BSC.

Winner’s Prize Pool

1st prize (One person): 500 USDT + 250 USD worth of DKT + 250 USD worth of LDN ~ (Total 1,000 USD)

2nd prize (Two People): 300 USDT + 100 USD worth of DKT + 100 USD worth of LDN ~ (Total 1000 USD)

3rd prize (Three People): 100 USDT + 50 USDT worth of DKT + 50 USD worth of LDN ~ (Total 600 USD)

Consolation prize (Three People): 100 USDT prizes to 3 top-voted artworks from the community (Total 300 USD)

Airdrop: 400 DKT tokens + 400 LDN divided equally and distributed to all participants who submitted Duelist Digital Artwork (Total 800USD)

The best designs will be minted with ENJ and will be available on ENJ and BSC. Your designs are also entitled to be featured in Duelist King Collection plus card genesis editions exclusively issued to the artists.

What are we looking for?

Any authentic and original artwork inspired by Duelist King card or game designs is qualified for the contest. It can be any form of 2D or 3D type of digital artwork so let your imagination run wild!

Check out our social media or website for materials



✅Telegram group:

✅ Github:

How to participate

The event takes place between October 4th and midnight October 26th (UTC time). To participate and submit your artwork you need to:

For all users

Follow Duelist King twitter

Upload your artwork and tag @DuelistKingNFT #Win2Earn

For Android phones

Download the GameTalkTalk app from the Google play store and upload your artwork to the GameTalkTalk event group!

For Non-Android Users

In case you don’t own an android phone you can download Bluestack Emulator on your Windows or macOS computer to run android apps on your computer and download the GameTalkTalk app and upload it through that!


Duelist King Telegram channel

Ludena Telegram channel:

Email: [email protected]

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