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By Đức Webpz | ducwebpz | 25 May 2021

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Get Free Fic Coins With Ficom HD Add Fic Tokens To Meta Mask

-► Revealing the Secret of the Ficom project also posted the development of another coin. This is called FIC coin and when everyone joins the Ficom project, they will receive completely free FIC coins.
Developed based on 2 protocols ERC-20 & BEP-20

- Symbol: FIC (BEP-20)
-Decimal :18
-Initial price: 1BNB = 10000 FIC
-Community: 70%
-Development team: 10%
-Marketing: 20%
-Secret Palace: 2,000,000,000

And I know that the Ficom project has 50,000 members, the Fic coin will officially go on the floor
Conclusion: Do you guys think it's great that you can earn BNB and your children receive Fic coins, what are you waiting for without joining right away:

Activate contract and Get FIC by video:
Contract code :0xbead7ea2a817bd80c447a8785562b19dff987d26


-► Join the group:

- ►Full video about Ficom project:

- ►You watch the entire video below and leave your comments.

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