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By thompsonite | Dualmine Diary | 5 Oct 2020


Hello everyone, it's been 8 months since I started my cloud mining journey with I am happy to announce that I submitted a payout and RECEIVED the payout! 

Summary of my Dualmine experience: 

January 2020:  I invested 0.02397313 bitcoin (Bitcoin @ $8600 at the time so worth ~ $203) to which is a cloud mining company that's been around for several years.  I used the bitcoin to buy bitcoin hashing power received about 13,300 GH/s for two years.  There was a promotion for getting 6x hashing power of when I invested.  

February 2020: I reinvested 0.00422371 bitcoin that I had accumulated on Dualmine for more bitcoin hashing power.  I got about 2,300 GH/s of bitcoin hashing power for two years.  There was a 6x promotion going on at the time.

March 2020: I reinvested 0.00445001 bitcoin that I had accumulated for more bitcoin hashing power again.  There was a 6x + CRT promotion going on so I got 2450 GH/s bitcoin hashing power and 1.19 CRT/month.

September 2020: I accumulated 0.02329764 bitcoin (Bitcoin @ $10900 at the time so worth ~$250)  and decided to withdraw that.  I submitted a payout and the transaction was confirmed 3 days later.  There was a withdrawal fee of 0.00043692 so i ended up getting 0.02286072 bitcoin.


I still have 0.00111241 bitcoin left to withdraw to get back my initial investment.  If I had waited until October to withdraw I would have had gotten my initial investment out.  I still have 1 year and two months left left on the initial contract (the reinvested have 1 or two months extra).  When I have enough bitcoin to reinvest (minimum to reinvest is 0.004 bitcoin) I will keep doing so looking for the 6x + CRT promotion.  Not sure what I'm going to do with my CRT probably try to save 30 of them because that's the minimum amount to reinvest. 

I will keep you guys posted on my reinvestments.  

If you decide to try dualmine out, use my referral link and both you and I will get 100 GH/s.


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Dualmine Diary
Dualmine Diary

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