Google Trends shows a growing interest in Crypto
Google Trends shows a growing interest in Crypto

By Drz3wo | Drz3woblog | 6 Apr 2020

As Covid-19 pandemic affected almost everyone with only few countries being unaffected by the virus, many people seek for a better way to gain and accumulate money. It may be caused by the fact that many people are bored at home, maybe other seek for another source of income, the usage of cash is not so safe during the pandemic so more and more people are switching from physical money to credit cards and with a economic instability looming over all of us people seek unorthodox methods of putting their capital in motion.

When social interactions are restricted and most of us are glued to out computers it is the moment when Crypto comes in.

Access to exchange sites and many mining/blockchain solutions was never easier and mainstream is more interested than ever.

If we look at the Google Trends charts for some of the most popular Crypto we can see a rapid change. Especially with stats for last 90 days 

For example





In case of Ethereum it is much more visible when we look on the chart with data from the last 12 months, one of the recent popularity peaks happend right when the epidemic was starting worldwide


The rapid change in popularity is visible in case of the Crypto that is know in the mainstream - Bitcoin  is a world known symbol of cryptocurrencies for many people so that may be one of the reasons why people google Bitcoin to gain informations about Crypto.

Is it possible that the popularity of Crypto will be growing? We won't know for sure, but as the global lockdown is still active more people might me convinced to try using new (for them) ways to gain, use and exchange money. Even if the most of them bounce off because of the entry level and amount of time needed to learn basic information about CC, some of them might stay and spread the good word about our community.
Let's hope for the best!



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