Love DRIP but haven’t started in the Animal Farm yet?

Link to the Farm to get started:


If you have been following Forex and the DRIP Community, then you have likely heard of the Farm.  It started back on January 4th as the Manor Farm (Layer1) and was basically a pre-sale stage setting for the event that launches this upcoming Thursday February 3rd at 12:00 PM EST.


If you were lucky/early enough to participate in the Manor Farm, then you may have earned some REV tokens and are now sitting pretty, having converted those to pL2 tokens which will flip to the native token sat launch on Thursday.  If not, listen up…. As the Manor Farm is now transitioning to the Animal Farm where the native tokens for the farm will be DOGS & PIGS.

When you stake DOGS you earn PIGS (the governance token - This is something new which has never been implemented on any yield farm previously This is revolutionary, Be an OWNER of the FARM, and earn a portion of all of the transaction fees that the platform earns – paid in BUSD).  Imagine owning a piece of Uniswap or Pancake Swap and the BILLIONS of $ in fees that flow through their hands!!

There is some serious game and investing theory here with the large number of farms, single stake pools, LP pairings, impermanent loss considerations, DOG:PIG token ratio to maintain, etc.  Myself and my group of likeminded investor folks share thoughts and ideas regularly through our Telegram group (Team Dripsauce).  Jump on over and see what we are about.  We are happy to answer questions and lend a hand as you explore how to get started.

Link to the Farm to get started:


My suggestion for those just starting out…. Start with the Garden.  It is the easiest entry point and has a daily yield of 3%.  It works VERY similarly to the DRIP faucet and so should be familiar to most.  You compound /plant (just like hydrating) daily (or at a frequency of your choice) to make your garden grow faster.  Harvest those gains at any time.  In order to participate, you use BUSD (rather than BNB that you would use in the Faucet).


You follow the link below to join the Farm.  Then go to the DRIP Liberation page and connect your MetaMask wallet with your BUSD available.  Swap that for DRIP/BUSD LP tokens through the DRIP Liberation page.  Then just click on the DRIP Garden and select to Buy Plants.  You will see how many you can buy (usually around 2-3 per LP token depending upon current market prices).  And away you go.  At a daily 3% compounding, your garden value will double every 25 days or so!!  This is 3x faster than the faucet.  Enjoy the growth and come visit us on TG.  Happy Farming.

Link to the Farm to get started:


Link to our TG:

TEAM 💧DRIPSAUCE to join just step in our telegram!

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DRIP and the Farm - get Aggressive to earn Passive
DRIP and the Farm - get Aggressive to earn Passive

I read a post a few weeks back about the DRIP Faucet and was intrigued.... skeptical but intrigued. Passive, long term income based off of a modest up front investment? That sounds like investment nirvana, right? Well it is, but it is made possible by the most powerful force in the universe, compounded interest coupled with time. And then along came the Manor Farm and turned it all on its head. Now DRIP has utility and liquidity pools galore! Tune in to learn more as I explore them both.

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