2 weeks into my DRIP and Manor Farm Journey...results thus far

I began my DRIP journey on December 26th (it was a Christmas gift to my future self).  I had been reading up about the community for quite some time and I had taken a deep enough dive into the white paper and tokenomics to understand that it wasn't the Ponzi scheme or MLM craze I had feared.  It is a legitimate project with real world legs and long term profitability.  

The concept is simple, deposit DRIP into the faucet (first convert BNB to DRIP on the DRIP fountain at https://drip.community/fountain) and then hydrate (compound) your 1% daily interest back into the system and watch it grow.  15 daily interest is a STAGGERING yield.  When you compound it daily it can be truly life altering.  It grows slowly at first but swells nicely over time.

Use this fun calculator to play around with the power of compounded interest https://www.thecalculatorsite.com/finance/calculators/compoundinterestcalculator.php

If you put in $100 earning a 1% daily interest and compound it daily for a year, it is now worth a massive $3,778!!  In 3 years, that same $100 is worth nearly $5.4 MILLION! (no that is not a typo

The key to DRIP is that you cannot access and pull all of your money out at once, or you would have folks draining it overnight.  You can only take out (claim) 1% of your account value per day.  SO each day you choose to hydrate (compound) or withdraw (claim) your 1% yield.  This allows you to set up your account like a paycheck that pays you a recurring income over the long haul.  You can alternate claiming and hydrating each day to allow your account to keep growing while also pulling profit off of the table and back into your pocket.  

DRIP is a fantastic hedge against market fluctuations and is one more aspect of my diversified strategy.  In just two weeks, I have tripled my DRIP holdings and have 5 fold increased my Manor Farm holdings via a combination of investing and compounding.  I am on track to generate $5k/mo from DRIP and the Farm by March of this year.

If you are looking to get started yourself, you need to add a 'buddy' to join the community.  Feel free to search for a buddy online, or you can join the team I am a part of.  We have an active TG group and are super helpful to one another.  Our team leader provides a free DRIP match for every new account opened.    Here is our info:

Looking to Join Drip Faucet or Manor Farm? Join Team Dripsauce. We are a super helpful group that can help you to develop your strategy and maximize profit. We provide a free DRIP bonus on joining our group and share knowledge and perks across the team. (plus we have a pretty cool mascot) Here are our links if you are looking for a fun team to get you started!

TEAM 💧DRIPSAUCE to join just step in our telegram! https://t.me/joinchat/sGpwxYlwKFY5YWQx

🤘😎💰 Welcome to Team Dripsauce! The best entry into the network! BEFORE ANY DEPOSITS be sure to enter using this link:




On the Faucet page where it says "find a buddy" or where it says "Your Buddy" be sure this address is matching the buddy address below. Buddy's can not be changed after a deposit.



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DRIP and the Farm - get Aggressive to earn Passive
DRIP and the Farm - get Aggressive to earn Passive

I read a post a few weeks back about the DRIP Faucet and was intrigued.... skeptical but intrigued. Passive, long term income based off of a modest up front investment? That sounds like investment nirvana, right? Well it is, but it is made possible by the most powerful force in the universe, compounded interest coupled with time. And then along came the Manor Farm and turned it all on its head. Now DRIP has utility and liquidity pools galore! Tune in to learn more as I explore them both.

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