Bounty0x launches on Republic

By DrHannibal | DrHannibal | 23 Sep 2019

Cryptocurrency bounties let businesses leverage followers and users to complete rewarding tasks and earn tokens. Yet even as the crypto market hits a $260 Billion market cap, the current bounty system is broken.

Today, businesses and hunters search high and low through conflicting bounty lists, unexplained tokens, and numerous platforms for new bounties. This takes time and prevents people from earning in a fast and easy way.

Bounty0x is a global network for businesses, bounty hunters, and sheriffs alike to interact and earn cryptocurrency. The team behind Bounty0x is working to streamline the digital bounty hunting gig economy by making the bounty campaign process easy for businesses and freelancers. 

No more scouring the web for bounties.

No more confusion.

The highlights:

  • 90+ premium clients
  • $7M worth of cryptocurrency bounties posted within 6 months of launch
  • $1.5M ICO raise in 2018*
  • Projected 300% subscription growth in three years
  • Blockchain and token agnostic

You can invest in Bounty0x

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