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CRADLES AMA Weekly Update

By DRepublic | DRepublic | Cradles Blog | 11 Nov 2021

While most of the virtual spaces are still in development, it is becoming clearer that the metaverse will potentially change the way we socialize and even monetize certain aspects of our lives. A space where communities will gather to play, trade NFTs, and get around. Our target is to create a pure virtual world for game lovers and game designers in the mixed blockchain game market today. We are focusing on developing next-generation blockchain games which you haven’t seen or played before. The concept of metaverse was only a dream a few years back but now has become utterly relevant beyond the blockchain.

We know the Cradles community is itching to get more details, so the following is the recap of this weeks AMA with founder and developer, T.Y.


The community wants to know what the game play will look. Some are wondering if it will resemble the Cradles Game trailer, or if it will look more like an Axie style card battle game.

Cradles doesn’t mess around. Card games are not our style. We’re not developing a game where you buy a million spaceships then play a silly cartoon trading game. Our game is 3D, and resembles the trailer, only better. This is an MMORPG game that is huge, so we will take our time to develop it properly. Soon we will be randomly choosing some community members and influencers to experience the game in the near future. The most active and productive community members will be selected for this.


This venture began in May, development started in August, we will open the mini game for select community members and influencers soon, and then the demo will be available in December.

Even though we started later than some other popular games, we’ve already caught up and are ready to surpass the current games and so called metaverses. Our game quality will speak for itself.

Our communities patience will be rewarded with a high quality game that will outlive the current trends of the season. Even if investors feel GameFi is not the hot topic anymore at some point, our players will want to stay simply to experience Cradles.

If we wanted to just catch the market like everyone else, we could easily design a super deflationary token, add some beautiful 3D graphics, a spaceship or two, throw in a card trading mechanism, and we could offer the community a game that will make some cash but die very quickly.

Instead we took the long route. Offered the NFT world a new standard, EIP-3664, an entropy and time system, and a method for developing civilization in the metaverse. We are creating a game with long lasting value.


Metacore and Legoot are already published and are building EIP-3664 NFTs. The development is done and many members of the community have been actively experimenting with the power of 3664 by combining NFTs and metaverse IDs. You can try it out for yourself. Make sure your Metamask wallet is connected to the Polygon network.


There will be an NFT sale this November so keep an eye out for it. The quantity depends on the communities enthusiasm. We are thinking it will be from 200–400. These are crucial game assets but we will keep the price low. These assets will give the ability to dive, and offer two extra skills but we will not tell you what just yet.


The marketplace will be an EIP-3664 marketplace and will take more time than the average marketplace seen at the moment. Combinable NFTs are brand new and no other project has them, so we need to develop the marketplace from the ground up to support them properly.


There are no games similar to the Cradles mini-game. It contains the perfect compliment of tokens and gaming and has a category all its own. We want players to have an easy entry so we will keep the NFT prices low to support our community. These NFTs are for sale for only a limited time so pay attention.


Pets are very important in the game, but you do not need to breed them. We consider breeding an alternative to upgrading on the technical side. We’ve provided the ability to upgrade by offering our community the new EIP-3664 standard. In Cradles, players will drop their preconceived notions of NFT gaming. NFT gaming has latched on to the idea of breeding pets to upgrade them. The ability our development brings to NFT gaming has not been seen before, and we offer EIP-3664 as a way to actually upgrade NFTs.


Some are wondering if they will need to leave the game and hit the browser to enter the marketplace. In other metaverse style games, players buy a NIKE NFT, leave them sitting in their wallet, and no one ever looks at them or sees them unless they post it for display on twitter or some other site.

Cradles is different. Enter the Cradles world, walk into a store, buy some NFT shoes, wear them on your feet, then go for a hike or adventure in your new shoes. Why would you leave these NFTs in your wallet when you can use them to play. No one has experienced this yet. Now player’s avatars are NFTs, there shoes are NFTs, their swords are NFTs, their upgrades are NFTs, EIP-3664, assemble, boom, DONE!


Guilds are an important part and we will collaborate with guilds in the game. More importantly, we want Cradians to build their own guild. Current community members have known this game at an early stage, they follow our AMAs, read our blog posts, and pour through the extensive whitepaper.

Why not develop your own guild? And don’t stop at the old style of Guilds. If all characters are NFTs and game items are NFTs, then everything is a program, an address, a smart contract. There could be an in-game DAO for managing our own guild. A DAO is not just a community, or a group of people managed by another group of people.

Let codes manage NFTs, let people own NFTs, then rewards get managed also. An in-game DAO is the guild of Cradles.


So far we can make a part of the items an in game NFT, but not everything is.


Those that know the Cradles game well, understand that there are different times and different worlds. With EIP-3664, we can transfer different NFTs into the Cradles world. So essentially, we can connect to all metaverses via EIP-3664. So the simple answer is yes.


There will be more opportunities to receive a Dragontar. We will be releasing somewhere between 400–1000 with some interesting rules for winners. There may be some tasks needed to complete that will up your chances of winning one. This will help us ensure that the most devoted Cradians receive Dragontars.


We will organize an ambassador program but the plans on this will occur later.


To conclude the AMA for this week, Cradles would like to thank everyone for their support so far. The IDO is just around the corner, so keep an eye out for it in December or January. Keep working on getting your rank high to get a better chance of whitelisting.


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