Sentiments of a Broken Heart

By JasmineC | Dreamer93 | 11 Jun 2020

This life is full of wonderful memories; because of it being so wonderful we are hurt endlessly and feeling broken when memories be forgotten.

How would this heart could ever forget you? When every wants she wanted were all just for you and you alone. How would I unlearn to love you? When in the first place I did not intend to love you, I just undeniably fallen in a way I could not even understand. How should I face life without you? When you become a light of my darken world and a life to my dying soul.

I may grow old and forget the happiness, pain, and hurts, but I would choose to fall in love with you a thousand times in a thousand years over and over again. 

In my heart your real, even if the reality slaps me and remind me that I lost you when you told me that I'm not enough for you. In my heart I know I am hurting, but knowing that you're doing great will help me realize how happy you are and makes me a little happy even if this happiness means my loneliness.

You have taught me what love is and help me understand love in an unconditional manner. 

Now, could you please taught me once again on how to forget you? Because my heart really remembers, and it's painful. Could you tell me the best way to forget this love that I have? Because my heart is tired of feeling the pain of losing you but still choose to keep you there.

Hear me out and teach me how to unlove you the way you taught me of what love really is. I need it to mend my heart. I need it to survive this lonely life.

Hear me out! Please hear the sentiments of my broken heart and wish me a better life away from your gazing eyes and loving arms.

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