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My chess team promotes to next Quarantane Liga ! Everyone is welcome to help us

By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 28 Jan 2021

Hi guys, we managed to finished 2nd and promote from 17 Category of Quarantine Liga to 16 Category of Quarantane Liga

Quarantane Liga 17 C

We finished 2nd  with 101 points. The first one was a Slovenian team and had many good players.



our team

These were the players that played with our team. You can that we a player at 2400 , another at 2300 and 3 at 2000 . But every player that will play will help us to go in higher category.


Here you can see the results of Paparas1313 our point leader player.

During first rounds

Here are the results during first rounds.

So you can support us by just entering in our team

and participating at Sunday's Quarantane Liga 16


As you understand category by category it will be more and more difficult.

With your help we can reach until the 1st category. As more persons we are, so the possibility to go higher is bigger.

You must know that for phychological reasons it is a very good move, so that many players that stays all the time at their home the can play with other plaer, they can chat so it is a good way to socialize.


Also we will organize some swiss tourney and simul with titled players for the members ouf our team. So just join now. "Masta" team is your team.


PS The photo taken from

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