Earn CryptoCoins from Passive (CPU) Mining LEGIT #1

By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 18 Sep 2020

Hi guys in this post i will try to give you some LEGIT sites that you can earn cryptocoins from cpu mining and increase your income by just have open a page at a browser. It is totally easy to earn money from CPU mining without having any effort.

i) First choice is this site.

You can earn 3 satoshi / 1M hashes or 0.135 Dogecoin / 1M hashes or 776 litoshis / 1 M hashes or 97 of ethereum / 1 M hashes or 0.005 XLM / 1 M hashes etc etc.

The available coins you can earn is also Bitcoin Cash , Monero , DashCoin, Ripple ,Tron , Bittorrent, GoGo Monster and IDA token.

ii)  A very good opportunity for earn bitcoin for CPU mining is this  site.

You earn 1 satoshi / 40000 so you earn 25 satoshi / 1 M hashes 8.5 more times than before site !!!

iii) Another site for CPU mining is this

You earn about 0.2MintMe coin / 1 M hashes


I hope to try these sites and earn cryptocoins. If you have any problem and want help just comment bellow and i will reply you as immediately as i can


The photo was taken from https://news.bitcoin.com/edward-snowden-buying-bitcoin-market-bottom/

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