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A Lichess team that everyone is welcome

By NKthegreat | DrCrypto | 27 Jan 2021

Hi guys, in this article i write to tell you that i have just created a lichess team

The title of team is a missunderstaning of word Master.

that everyone is welcome to join us and play at the team tourney that we will participate.

Also we will make a lot of tourneys between our member and i will try to organise simul with players over 2200 fide rated .

My aim is to meet new person that they have the same hobby as me and be net friends , by trying to improve each other.

The first tourney that we will participate is at 20.00 CET Thurday 28/01/2021 at Lichess Quarantine - Liga 17 C.

We want to play every week at category higher and higher to play with better players.

I hope that you like my idea and you may support our try.



The quarantine league is a very good effort from a FM . He deserves all the congratulations. For more information look at here




PS The photo taken from





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I am a BSc, MEd, MSc Programmer with Backround at Physics


In this blog i will write for cryptocoins

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