Why Discord? This is why!
why discord

Why Discord? This is why!

By DragoNate | DragoNate | 10 Apr 2020

Why Discord?

Discord's been getting a little more popular for keeping in touch during the current times. People are using Discord in all sorts of ways! It was originally targeted towards gamers & gaming related things, but people have been using Discord in many other ways, from simply to keep in touch easily, to study groups, work groups, clubs, conventions, you name it! Obviously, there's a lot in the crypto space as well.

Now, Discord has created templates! It can be a little overwhelming to create a new server if you don't know how it all works. What channels should you add? Well, with templates, you click on one that's relevant to you, like the friends & family template & Discord will immediately take you to a server creation screen with some channels already created!

Check out more at this link & have fun building your first (or 2nd/3rd/10th...) server! I personally use one server just for myself to keep track of a bunch of random images & links & information so it's all in one place instead in files on my desktop lol!


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