Happy new year 2021
Light on the walk

Happy new year 2021

By Drache | DrachenTalk | 9 Jan 2021

At first I wish you a healthy und happy new year. I hope you all doing well. This year I thought about to go for a walk more often. Since I left my office in march to only work in homeoffice I did not ride my bicycle anymore. That's one thing I have to change. The first walk in this year at first January was nice. The sundown already has started. I like how the sun shines through the trees. 


At this day the sky was blue and a slight, cold wind was present. While walking to the river Ruhr I came across this field. 

Tree before the sun

I like how quiet the scenery was and continued the walk. There were some goose swimming on the River. Suddently some of them started for a flight.


Watching the birds I recognized that the sky was getting darker and more red. The old tree on the other side of the river will make a good photo I thought. 
Tree on the river

As well as the shape of the castle blankenstein. (Between the cities Bochum and Hattingen, Germany) 

Castle Blankenstein

The last photo was a surprise for me. Already at the end of the walk, I saw the last glimpse of the sun. My eyes saw the clouds in a very dark greyish color, but my camera saw them as blue... 
Blue sky

Thank you for watching my first walk of the year. Stay healthy...


This year I will update my wild-bee project. And start a new one for bumblebees. 


Below are links to some of my previous walks and to the wild-bee project in my garden. 

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