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I had a freelance blockchain developer, develop me a polygon network token today! He was a brilliant solidity writer and wrote original source code for my "BITMATHEMATICS" token in less than 8 hours! If you have ever heard of fiverr a freelance global website, while check out their skills in blockchain and DAPP development offers! I was a little hesitant on using fiverr again since about 4 months ago I paid a freelancer on fiverr 300 dollars for a crypto mining bot and the mining app did not supply me with any bitcoin I did not get a refund either!

I Paid 45 dollars including five charge and taxes for complete development and step by step process with screen recordings of laptop and phone on instructions to maintain the coin make adjustments and my favorite part witch I'm fully aware of now putting value to the coin by quick staking or liquidity supplements to get on the DEX decentralized exchanges so my coin can be sold and traded for other coins and grow in value and have crypto coiners invest and hold my "BITMATHEMATICS" token!

The process of coin development was easy I picked the functions burnable taxation marketable taxation and a few other functions! As well I picked 10 decimal points for my coin and only minted 10 million of them! Within 8 hours this morning I had a professional blockchain developer from Pakistan develop me my own custom attribute coin and create a step by step process video of screen recordings of how to list coin on a DEX and add liquidity value to the coin to put initial value for "BITMATHEMATICS" on an exchange like pancakeswap! 

I know a little  about solidity programming since taking a few classes of blockchain development on and practicing a little but Hassan had amazing abilities to write original source code for coin deployment and he even covered the gas price for token creation smart contract witch ended up only being 2 cents worth of matic! I didn't know until recently how well priced token creation can be and a value at gaining major liquidity assets for potential coin value!

I'm going to list my coin on the DEX exchanges this coming week I have 10 million "BITMATHEMATICS" if o sell all 10 million coins for 10 cents on average I will accumulate 1 million dollars in liquidity assets in my coin market! I will be happy if I sell just one of them for a dollar the first year and 5 for 20 cents the second year! It's just the fact I have my own professionally developed crypto coin I chose the original name for! 

If you want to recieve 5 "BITMATHEMATICS" currently at zero value on day one just comment I want 5 BITMATHEMATICS and I will deposit 5 coins to each commenter who imports the wallet and comments their BITMATHEMATICS address seed I Will have value to the coin by late next week and be tradeable on at least one decentralized exchange like pancakeswap with plans to get my coin on major centralized projects and exchanges just import the coin to METAMASK or TRUST WALLET by selecting the import token usually at the bottom of the coin listing wallet!

Import contract: 0x432d44d89e8231ffdba207b183eb8d74eb7ad9d2

Network: polygon 


Symbol: BMATIC 

Decimals: 10 

I will deposit 5 BITMATHEMATIC to every commenter who comments imports and posts their BITMATHEMATICS wallet address on Wednesday next week!


this is day one of a 70 year old journey on coin development I'm having a tough time finding a new job and crypto is my gateway to time consumption and side hobby! 

I plan on bringing great dedication on coin development in the blockchain and polygon network with wise use of liquidity to raise coin to a stable high value! With constantly self investment in liquidity to bring greater value to the coin BITMATHEMATICS!

coming this week I am planning on getting pro coin logo.... if you have any logo suggestions comment them below! Possibly building my own no code or html css java website for the coin! Also main priority is to bring a price set initial value to my coin BITMATHEMATICS!

Thank you,

A little bit 

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Had a business called bitcoin as a teenager in 2007 in a small mining town in northern british columbia! A online stock currency! I enjoy music and bitcoin news! I have a strong sense bitcoin a non physical currency can be a major factor in equal wealth!

Dont Trust A Bank Employee
Dont Trust A Bank Employee

I like the fact i manage my own account with BTC!! had so many problems 16 years of forced government institutional process banking! i was new to banking forgot Bank card in ATM I was out 600, The bank would not refund. I paid Credit card off 2 years later still on my credit score. bank glitch showed new accounts on my debit card my pin screen shut down greyscale flickering million frames per second in regards they stole deposit from me! how does a bank oversee transactions? trust a miner! #2009to2019BTC

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