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By Ykretz | Don't die as a student | 19 Mar 2020


      Hello Publish0x readers ! 

I know that here a lot of people, including me, are looking for ways to earn passive or low time consuming income. That is how I discovered Honeygain. 

Honeygain is an app that let you sell your unused brandwidth. And that is as simple as that. This is one of the simplest apps for that. You juste have to download it, it works for Android, Windows and IOS.

They can pay you because they use your internet to let some others pay to connect to your network. They work as a proxy and don't worry they don't let everyone to connect to your internet. 

The app facilitates proxy services to third parties, such as data scientists, Fortune 500, and other trustworthy companies. Is it safe? Yes! Your security is important to us. And as the queen bee knows her bees, we know what every partner uses their network for.

-HoneyGain Q&A

The amount they pay is really correct : 1¢ for 10MB. But remember that you will not upload at full speed all day long. Otherwise I would be really rich now. At full speed I could upload around 520 GB a day, that represents 52$ a day and trust me, I'm way far from this. 


I did get 2GB a day only once. When my PC is on during a day and I think of turning the app on, I turn around 1,5GB a day. I will show you my last 30days and the last 30 days of a friend of mine 351665157-0303f4b1d6dbb849b4abac0a7c8752f9613fe8feaed85c052cfffe3d09992b5b.png


You can see that there is some day where I didn't had the time to turn it on ( I was filming a clip cf : We're filming our clip ). The days where I gained under 1GB are when I forget to turn it on. 1GB =10¢ so if you don't forget to turn it on everyday you would normally get at least 3-6$ every month without doing nothing. 

If you have some questions I took screenshots of the most interesting parts of their Q&A : 



If you are using it on your phone remember that you can allow honeygain to use you mobile data or not, you can add a limit to the data usage, mine is set to 10GB each month. 351665157-164b566afcf050f16b7b0625a76841b5abc806058af524461690cb7979bf7685.jpegThe "Allow usage on battery" is because the application makes your phone use a little more battery because it uses more internet but don't worry it will take only a little amount of your battery.351665157-c9699fb9c38fed99d399de597fd5a2084d04531f3d75d5827d1134c8ae875edf.jpeg

If you can't use it for some time, be care full because 6 month after the last day you use it, all your credits are suppressed. 351665157-561e28efe8d0f36662ecd10b154c194c53532e847c5f3f53878bf47529d5ba05.jpeg

If you create your account with This link you will be credited of 5,000 credits ( which is $5 ). This is a referral link which make me gain 10% of your earnings. So if you can, don't forget to share your own !351665157-0d04982abe6eab0ebd9f958f84b7e6be8a7fda796f98972298aa6744dfb7c6ae.jpeg

You can have several devices on the same account but you can't have more than 3 devices on the same network whether you have one or more account.  351665157-ce96f4ce2fb1f2d789fab675c7c7232e7cc1e7db08407137dd4b88fb23941f63.jpeg

You can withdraw to your PayPal adress only when you get $20.

If you want to create you account please consider to use my referral link and get $5 for free. I hope this will make you earn. This could be helpful especially during this confinement period when computers are more often turned on.

Thanks for reading ! Don't hesitate to tell me if there is some English mistake, I'm french and still learning !

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Don't die as a student
Don't die as a student

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